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Opportunity zones

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The urban markets have the potential to be vibrant, successful places that offer economic opportunities and a desirable quality of life to all residents. Since the millennium, many urban neighborhoods have benefitted from the renewed interest and reinvestment in these markets, but still many opportunities exist to revitalize urban neighborhoods. These urban neighborhoods and communities offer greater access to more efficient transportation infrastructure, employment, career and business opportunities, quality healthcare and higher education options, diverse entertainment venues, and cultural diversity. From an investment point of view, urban neighborhoods are the ideal place to accommodate future population growth for value and in an equitable manner.

Camden and Newark are urban environments that filter regional economies. Because of their demographics, economy and culture, these cities offer residents good jobs and a “gateway” to what’s known as the ‘American Dream’. With these areas being popular environments for work and living lifestyles, the atmosphere is young and knowledgeable. These characteristics are what makes industries in gateway cities open to employment and investments. Our goal at Urban Development Partners is to use these grounds as a place for investments to ensure smart-growth efforts. We plan to supply real estate investors multiple exit strategies and a way to enhance liquidity for property owners in these areas. At the end of the day, we are looking for existing or emerging urban branches that have large populations and supply constraints to maximize performance.