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Bringing visions of vibrant communities and businesses to life.

Urban Development Partners is a nimble, entrepreneurial real estate company focusing on the creation of value in emerging urban neighborhoods.  We forge relationships with our financial and development partners and the community, to develop, construct and transform residential and mixed-use properties in path of growth urban markets. We believe we have a responsibility to incorporate an equitable and sustainable approach to redevelopment, so each and every project embodies this philosophy – from design and construction to the leasing and amenities offered.

Our competitive advantages + strengths

  • Broad work experiences developing in “up and coming” neighborhoods
  • Local market knowledge coupled with our approach to redevelopment
  • Low overhead costs
  • Superior service and attention to detail throughout every aspect of the real estate development process
  • Strong, mutually beneficial relationships with investors, development partners, subcontractors, and community organizations

Community Updates

Lanning Square Court

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